Please begin to review your student’s attendance on PowerSchool and gather any excuses that need to be turned in to the Attendance Office. If you cannot access or do not have access to your PowerSchool account, students, please see the Help Desk, and parents, please see Mrs. Standridge or Mrs. Pitts in the Front Office. Do not wait until the last minute to turn in excuses as this is a very busy time in the Attendance Office. The last day the Attendance Office will be accepting excuses for ALL STUDENTS will be December 15, 2016. The only excuses accepted after then will be for absences on December 16, 19, and 20, 2016. Thank you for your attention to this matter.

Exam Schedules

End of Course Exam Schedule
Monday, December 12 – Algebra 1
Tuesday, December 13 – English 1
Wednesday, December 14 – Biology 1
Thursday, December 15 – US History

Nine-Weeks Test Schedule
Thursday, December 15 – Middle Block and Embedded A Exams
Friday, December 16 – Blocks 2 and 4 Exams
Monday, December 19 – Blocks 1, 3 and Embedded B Exams
Tuesday, December 20 – Make-up Exams only – Students that have to make up exams need to make arrangements with their teacher(s). Students who do not have make up exams, should not report to school on Tuesday, December 20. Attendance will not be taken on December 20.