In keeping in line with recent security upgrades, Lexington High School has implemented a new policy for students who are signed out by a parent in advance of their dismissal time.

All parents who come into the school to dismiss a student MUST present a valid driver’s license at the time of sign out (even if you come to the school regularly and think the front office staff will recognize you).

Starting Thursday, March 15th, students must pick up their dismissal pass from the front office prior to going into the class they are being dismissed from, and when leaving, they are required to stop by the front office to sign out before leaving campus.  Again, all students MUST sign out with the front office prior to leaving campus.  The pass will be stamped and must be shown to the parking lot attendant to exit the parking lot.

Students leaving from the Technology Center must sign out with the front office of LTC.

Please be patient as we implement these new policies to keep our students as safe as possible.


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