SEARS and Attendance

State law states that if you are over 5 days unexcused for a semester class or over 3 days uenexcused for a 9 week class you need to complete SEARS. Unexcused absences are coded as follows: UNEX, PN, DSML, and OSS. SEARS is a seat time recovery program LHS offers to allow you to make up the seat time and pass your classes. If you do not make up the proper seat time you will receive an FA grade for your class. SEARS will be offered this year on the following days from 7:30 – 11:30 AM:
Saturday, Dec 8th
Saturday, Dec 15th
Saturday, Jan 12th
Saturday, Jan 19th
The number of hours and days needed to recover will vary with each student so please come see Mr. Verburg during your ILT or before or after school so we can make a contract.
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