LHS Technology Tidbits

1. How to get to documents saved with iCloud
login (probably school email address)
open pages/keynote
click on the document
top right corner is WRENCH icon
choose to download document if you want to save it to your computer or print it

2. Move PERSONAL videos/photos from iPad to a personal account
download Google Drive App on iPad
enter a PERSONAL gmail address
go to the uploads icon on the left (looks like an arrow)
give access to your photos
tap the + in top right corner
tap ‘upload photos or videos’
look at your camera roll and check the photos or videos you want to move off iPad
Click the blue box with check in top right corner
wait for the upload.

You can see these items on a laptop. When you log into google with your personal gmail,  click on Google Drive.

3. ALL Student email can be accessed from google.com

Open an internet browser, preferably Chrome(on a laptop). Sign in to Google( top right corner of page) with your school email address and AA password. Click on Gmail. Your emails will appear.

Every student has storage in Google Drive using their school username and AApassword. On your iPad, download the Google Drive app.

You can back up files from pages and keynote by tapping the export icon (top right corner of the open file) and choosing to OPEN in ANOTHER APP. Choose the format(Word, Pdf, Keynote). Tap Choose an App and select Google Drive app. Upload.

4. If you need help with your password, click here for password sheet.

5. Powerschool/Checking your grades:

  • Apps are now available for parents and students to access PowerSchool information such as grades and attendance.
  • The apps PowerSchool for Parents and PowerSchool for Students were created by Pearson for iPads and iPhones.
  • Parents will need their LexConnect information if they do not already have it and they must create a PowerSchool account to use the app if they have not already done so.
  • The LexConnect login page now includes the PowerSchool for Parents Guide to aid parents in setting up the PowerSchool for Parents app on their iPad or iPhone. A Spanish version is included.
  • Click here for directions on how to navigate PowerSchool Apps.

Students: Go to powerschool.lexington1.net/public/home.html (ignore that it says parent login) Use the Powerschool username and password that was sent to you by email at the beginning of school.

Parents: You can easily access your student’s grades and attendance using the PowerSchool Parent Portal. You can find this same link to the Parent Portal on the Parents page of our website.

If you have not already created a PowerSchool Lexington One parent account, you can use the “Create Account” link on the PowerSchool parent login page.

Once you create your PowerSchool parent account, you will need an Access ID and password for each of your children in order to view their grades and attendance. You can get those Access IDs and passwords from each of their schools.

Be sure to set the “Email Notification” settings, while you are in the PowerSchool Parent Portal, if you would like to receive emails with information about your child’s grades and/or attendance.

6. Schoology© 

As part of Lexington County School District One’s commitment to providing 21st century learning tools for our teachers and students, we have begun using Schoology© as our district learning management system in grades 6–12. In fact, Schoology© will replace Edmodo as our learning management system in grades 6–12. This transition will take place during the first semester of this academic year.

Schoology© is a dynamic platform that allows teachers and students to work digitally and communicate with each other on both computers and mobile devices. With Schoology©, students can submit homework assignments, participate in interactive discussions, receive announcements and feedback, take assessments and collaborate with their peers. Teachers will monitor student progress and activity to ensure a safe, secure and controlled environment. Parents will also have access to the system and be able to view teacher and student activity.

Your student has been given login credentials and has begun using Schoology©. Use your school username and AApassword.

You can create a Schoology© parent account and view your student’s account and activity at https://www.schoology.com/home.php. You can find instructions for using this parent access code to create your Schoology© parent account here: https://support.schoology.com/hc/en-us/articles/201000823-Sign-Up-Parent-.

By following this link, you can also find directions for navigating your account: https://support.schoology.com/hc/en-us/articles/201000833-Home-Page-Parents-.

We are very excited about this dynamic, intuitive, and user-centric learning management solution and hope that you find it helpful.

**When using the Schoology app choose Lexington High with the zip code 29072-2215.**

7. ***Seniors*** remember that when you graduate, your @k12.lexington1.net email will be deleted. You’ll need to migrate your existing Apple ID to a new email address so you can continue using any content purchased or downloaded with your Apple ID. Below are the instructions to do this. See Ms. Grady if you need assistance.

First, you’ll need to create a new free personal email address. Some examples of free email account providers are:

Gmail, Yahoo!, Facebook

Next, you’ll need to update your primary email address. Updating your primary email address will change your Apple ID.

1. From Safari, go to https://appleid.apple.com.
2. Tap on manage your account:

create apple ID

3. Login with your EXISTING Apple ID (lastfirstm@k12.lexington1.net).

4. Once logged in, change your Apple ID/Primary Email Address to reflect your new personal email address:

manage ID

5. Once you’ve typed in your new Apple ID/Primary Email Address, it’s important to verify spelling as you won’t be able to login with your old email address any more.

6. Tap Save Changes:

save changes

7. You will be sent a verification email. You’ll need to check your new email account inbox for this verification email.




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