Summer Reading + Pre-Term Assignments

LHS Reading Challenge

Click here for info for the 2019-2020 reading challenge for all Wildcats:  LHS Reading Challenge 2019-2020

Honors/AP/IB Pre-Term Assignments

Click here if you are taking an Honors/AP/IB course for 2019-2020:  Honors/AP/IB English Challenge


Read to Succeed Overview for Parents Stakeholders 2017-18

IB Programme 

IB Prep/English II Honors: IB Prep / English II Honors

IB Juniors: IB Juniors

IB Seniors: IB Seniors

Theory of Knowledge: TOK Summer Reading and Assignment

French IB: IB B SL Junior Summer Work Letter 2018-19, Assignments
*No summer work required for French Ab Initio Juniors

IB Math Seniors: IB Math SL Summer Assignment 2018-19

IB Biology: HL IB Biology I Summer Practice 2018-19

IB Spanish: Spanish IB Summer Assignment 2018-19

IB Latin
Rising Juniors and Seniors:  Read all of Ovid’s Metamorphoses in
English. You may choose the translation that you like the most.
Suggestions have been provided in class.

Rising Seniors: Complete the first draft of your research dossier for
your Internal Assessment.

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